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OxySync is a handy solution to keep your mobile phone, smartphone and PC personal
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31 July 2009

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A synchronization solution that enables a user to synchronize contacts information between a PC and mobile phone or smartphone.

Features: OxySync is a synchronization utility for mobile phones and smartphones that enables a user to synchronize contacts information between the mobile device and the PC. This synchronization process can work over a number of interfaces including a USB connection, an Infra Red connection (using IrDA) and a Bluetooth connection. Once connected the process of beginning the syncing is simple and the first time you sync a wizard asks a few simple questions that sets up the sync operation parameters. Thereafter, syncing is a single-click process: simply clicking the sync “start” button begins the synchronization process. Syncing progresses from PC-to-phone, from phone-to-PC or bidirectionally, depending on whichever contacts need to be updated, so that the contacts list are kept consistent across the two (or more) contacts list. Contacts list are compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server (in Business Version only; with Exchange Server OxySync provides access to Global Access List, GAL, and user profile data).

Supports all Symbian OS devices including Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, phones and smartphones. For other devices synchronization is possible but progresses only in phone-to-PC mode.

Overall: This an excellent tool that works with a number of the most popular mobile phones and smartphones. Not much is asked of the interface besides giving a basic synchronization settings page, a synchronization initiation button, presenting a status of synchronization progress during the synchronization and finally a report / summary of the contacts exchanged during the synchronization process, and each of these are presented in an attractive interface in an intuitive manner. The only complaint is that this is a Windows based utility and for sure there are a number of mobile and smart phone users who are on other platforms who need such a synching utility.

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OxySync is a handy solution to keep your mobile phone, smartphone and PC personal information synchronized. Application offers mobile contacts synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server.
OxySync is designed as a convenient and easy-to-use wizard that will guide you through the whole process of synchronization. It will take just couple of minutes to connect a phone and set up sync parameters. The sync process duration mainly depends on the number of the contacts you have and usually takes only few minutes.
Application has one-click synchronization feature that starts the process with previously used settings. In every point like this OxySync saves your time for much more important things, eliminating the problem of synchronization forever.
OxySync supports Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung mobile phone and smartphones, Windows Mobile 5/6 smartphones and communicators, BlackBerry and Motorola smartphones.
The software works under Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 and supports USB cable, Bluetooth (Microsoft, Widcomm) and infrared connection using IrDA stack.
Version 1.1
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